Thor Dalebø


Welcome to the first encyclopaedia devoted totally to the Canna genus, the only member of the Cannacea family. The Canna Cyclopedia will always be a work in progress, as the world of cannas is always changing, and this work will change with it.

The work is the result of the editors 25+ years of devotion to Cannas as a hobby, growing, collecting, photographing, blog-publishing, breeding, selling and researching the history of this unique plant, once the most popular of all plants in the USA.

The final work will include over 2,000 images of Canna, taken by the editor and other Canna growers and enthusiasts.

Membership is free, and will remain so as long as running costs can be kept to a minimum.  Members can Login using the top menu option, and new members should select the ‘Join Us’ option.

The editor and our other contributors look forward to your company  during this exciting journey, and welcome constructive criticism and any new ideas for this work.

Best regards,
Thor Dalebø