Thor Dalebø.

Shocking synonym facts

As we have compiled this Canna Cyclopedia, a shocking fact has emerged, which clearly illustrates why so many gardening authorities have difficulty in treating Canna with the same respect shown to, say, roses or orchids. Upon checking our database statistics we find that over 30% of the names of canna cultivars are just made-up synonyms that the horticultural industry has used to foist the ‘same old’ varieties on an unsuspecting public.

In the distant past when information was not available to enable accurate naming, then there was an excuse for inaccurate naming. However, the cavalier attitude of the nursery industry indulging in this misleading of the public is one of little respect for truth and the buying public, and although it breaks all of the rules of the ISHA it is not illegal and they cannot be brought to book that way.