Thor Dalebø.

General Group Proposal

CannaOiseau de Feu

The existing Canna Groups (Cultivar Groups) have been in use for 15 years, and have received general acceptance from both science (which expects classification as a matter of course)  and many growers, collectors and enthusiasts. 

CannaGolden Orb

However, over this period it has become apparent that the Crozy Group has been noticeably stretched, covering both the early cultivars raised by Crozy, with relatively small flowers, up to the latest, large flowered cultivars that do not fit into the Italian or Premier Groups.  Most of the cultivars that have outgrown the Crozy Group are triploids, some comply with the Premier Group standards, but others are simply very big Crozy flowers.

CannaLouis Cottin

It is therefore proposed that we should establish a new General Group, which will cover all the ‘newer’ cultivars that have been developed since the demise of Monsieur Crozy 120 years ago, with larger staminodes than the likes of C. ‘Madame Crozy’, ‘Semaphore’, ‘Oiseau de Feu’ (syn. Firebird) and ‘Sophie Buchner’ .

CannaThe President

Examples of the cultivars that have ‘outgrown’ the Crozy Group and would be described as being in the new group  would be C. ‘The President’, ‘Assaut’, ‘Louis Cottin’ and ‘Golden Orb’.

Comments would be appreciated, and there is a thread in the Forum, or email that will welcome debate.