Thor Dalebö.


During the last 150 years there have only been a handful of books written about the Canna genus. which is remarkable when you consider that at one time it was the most popular flowering plant in the USA. even outdoing roses, and at the same time enjoyed great success in Europe. This work is the coming together of the Canna and the editor.

Thor Dalebö has always been a keen and receptive gardener, having been taught in his early years how to pollinate Chrysanthemums by a sage grandfather and built several interesting gardens over the years. Being of Norwegian birth, the editor had no exposure to tropical and semi-tropical plants which do not thrive in the far north, so imagine the life-changing moment that occurred at the first encounter with a Canna in England, which happened to be CannaPhasion’, and from that moment Thor was captive to this fabulous garden experience… the Canna.

This encyclopedia has been twenty years in the making, and is the result of collecting and growing over 200 canna varieties, collecting old and believed extinct varieties found in foreign places, exchanging plants, seed and correspondence with Canna friends around the world, and photographing  and researching the history of this once neglected garden star.

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