Image Term Latin Refers principally to Description
Leaf morphology acuminate.png acuminate acuminatus leaf tip Tapering to a long point in a concave manner.
Leaf morphology Acute.png acute   leaf tip or base Pointed, having a short sharp apex angled less than 90°.
Leaf morphology Apiculate.png apiculate apiculatus leaf tip Tapering and ending in a short, slender point.
Leaf morphology aristate.png aristate aristatus leaf tip Ending in a stiff, bristle-like point.
Leaf morphology Attenuate.png attenuate attenuatus leaf base Having leaf tissue taper down the petiole to a narrow base, always having some leaf material on each side of the petiole.
asymmetrical   entire leaf With the blade shape different on each side of the midrib.
Handdrawn Cuspidate.png cuspidate cuspidatus leaf tip With a sharp, elongated, rigid tip; tipped with a cusp.
Leaf morphology elliptic.png elliptic ellipticus entire leaf Oval, with a short or no point.
Leaf morphology ensiforme.PNG ensiform ensiformis entire leaf Shaped like a sword, long and narrow with a sharp pointed tip.
Leaf morphology apex emarginate.png emarginate emarginatus leaf tip Slightly indented at the tip.
Leaf morphology lanceolate.png lanceolate lanceolatus entire leaf Long, wider in the middle, shaped like a lance tip.
Leaf morphology linear.png linear linearis entire leaf Long and very narrow like a blade of grass.
Leaf morphology Lorate.png lorate loratus entire leaf Having the form of a thong or strap.
Leaf morphology Lyrate.png lyrate lyratus entire leaf Shaped like a lyre, pinnately lobed leaf with an enlarged terminal lobe and smaller lateral lobes.
Leaf morphology Mucronate.png mucronate mucronatus leaf tip Ending abruptly in a small sharp point as a continuation of the midrib.[3]
Leaf morphology oblique.png oblique   leaf base Asymmetrical leaf base, with one side lower than the other
Leaf morphology oblong.png oblong oblongus entire leaf Having an elongated form with slightly parallel sides, roughly rectangular.
Leaf morphology obtuse.png obtuse obtusus tip Blunt, forming an angle > 90°.
Leaf morphology orbicular.png orbicular orbicularis entire leaf Circular.
Leaf morphology ovale.png ovate ovatus entire leaf Oval, egg-shaped, with a tapering point and the widest portion near the petiole.
Leaf morphology palmate.png palmate palmatus entire leaf Palm-shaped, i.e., with lobes or leaflets stemming from the leaf base.[4]
Palmatiséquée.svg palmatisect palma + secare entire leaf Having lobes with incisions that extend almost up, but not quite to the petiole.
Leaf morphology pandurate.png pandurate panduratus entire leaf Fiddle-shaped; obovate with a constriction near the middle.
Leaf morphology pedate.png pedate pedatus entire leaf Palmate, with cleft lobes.[6]
Leaf morphology peltate.png peltate peltatus stem attachment A round leaf where the petiole attaches near the center. An example would be a lotus leaf.
Leaf morphology attachment connate-perfoliate.png perfoliate perfoliatus stem attachment With the leaf blade surrounding the stem such that the stem appears to pass through the leaf.
Leaf morphology Perforate.png perforate perforatus leaf surface features Many holes, or perforations on leaf surface. Compare with fenestrate.
Pennatilobé.svg pinnately lobed pinna + lobus entire leaf Having lobes pinnately arranged on the central axis.
Pennatifide.svg pinnatifid pinna + findere entire leaf Having lobes with incisions that extend less than half-way toward the midrib.
Pennatipartite2.svg pinnatipartite pinnatus + partiri entire leaf Having lobes with incisions that extend more than half-way toward the midrib.
Pennatiséquée.svg pinnatisect pinnatus + sectus entire leaf Having lobes with incisions that extend almost, or up to midrib.
Leaf morphology posture plicate.png plicate plicatus 3-d shape Folded into pleats, usually lengthwise, serving the function of stiffening a large leaf.
Leaf morphology reniform.png reniform reniformis entire leaf Shaped like a kidney: an oval with an inward curve on one side.
Leaf morphology apex retuse.png retuse   leaf tip With a shallow notch in a round apex.
Leaf morphology apex rounded.png rounded rotundifolius leaf tip or base Circular, no distinct point.
  semiterete   3-d shape Rounded on one side, but flat on the other.
Leaf morphology hastate.png spear-shaped hastatus entire leaf see hastate.
Leaf morphology subobtuse.png subobtuse subobtusus leaf tip or base Somewhat blunted, neither blunt nor sharp
Leaf morphology subulate.png subulate subulatus leaf tip Awl-shaped with a tapering point