Thor Dalebö.


Canna ‘Allemania’
syns. Cattleya
(Italian Group)(Aquatic Group)

HEIGHT Medium, 1-2 metres
FORM Branching
FLOWER Multi-coloured
FLOWERING Good bloomer
AWARDS RHS Award of Merit, 1897 

Canna Allemania is a medium sized aquatic Italian Group cultivar, equally at home as a water marginal or in the border; green foliage, oval shaped, branching habit; round stems, coloured green + purple; panicles of flowers are open, salmon-red with a gold margin, throat gold, staminodes are large, edges irregular, labellum is salmon-red, petals purple, fully self-cleaning, good bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; seed is sterile, pollen is low fertile; rhizomes are long and thin, coloured white and purple; tillering is prolific.

3. Alemannia, A.M. 1898 (Dammann and Veitch). Very large leaves; flowers large and handsome, with a broad Cattleya-like lip, orange scarlet and deep red, with an irregular golden-yellow margin.
Railton & Co., Australia, 1900-1903
AFRICA. Dark bronze foliage, with rich orange-salmon flowers, darkening to scarlet in the throat. 1/6 each.
RHS Canna Trials 1907 Indoors
2. Africa (Dobbie). — Italian Group Apricot to terra-cotta, irregularly shaded with deeper colour; truss rather small; foliage very rich, bronzy-crimson, striped with green; 5 feet.
RHS Journal of 1908-9
Featured in 1908 Outdoor Trials at Wisley Orange-red orchid flowered with dark foliage.
Africa. (Dam.) height of 150 cm. Stature sumptuously, leaves bronze colors with magenta. Flowers very largely, cattleya shape, glowing magenta-brown with orange-charming centre.
Cassells Dictionary of Practical Gardening, Walter P. Wright, 1910
Italian, or orchid, flowered scarlet, gold inside, purple and green foliage.
L. Clause Catalogue, Spring 1929
Feuillage bronzé. Fleur pourpre. Haut. 1 m. 50. Note: Bronze foliage. Crimson flower. Height. 1 m. 50.
Tropical Plants and Gardening, H.F. MacMillan, 1935
Fls orange-red, tinted leaves
Listed as correct and current.
Tropical Planting and Gardening, H.F. MacMillan, 5th Edition, 1954
Bronze or purple- leaved, flowers orange red.