Thor Dalebö.


Canna ‘Aranyàlom’
(Italian Group)

ORIGIN , 1959
HEIGHT Small, under 1 metre
FORM Spreading

Canna ‘Aranyàlom’ is a small Italian Group cultivar; green foliage, oblong shaped, spreading habit; round stems, coloured green; flowers are cupped, persimmon-orange with a canary-yellow margin, staminodes are medium size, edges lightly frilled, petals red, fully self-cleaning, blooms open in the early morning; fertile both ways, not known if true to type, not self-pollinating, capsules round.

Introduced by an unknown breeder in Hungary in 1959. From the image we can ascertain that this is an Italian Group cultivar. Because of sterility problems it takes a great degree of experience to create a new Italian Group cultivar, and it may be that this is a rename of an orphan.

Hart Canna, 2000, Internet October 2000
Brilliant orange flowers. Leaves green. Medium
Canna Handbook, Keith Hayward. Edition 1.06. © September 2000
Raised in Hungary 1959. The name means ‘Golden Dream’. Flowers orange, narrow yellow edge. A very “hot” colour, almost luminous. Bright green foliage. Medium height to short (1 m).
Ian Cooke, The Gardeners Guide to Growing Cannas
(M) This excellent cultivar produces luminous orange flowers with slightly darker stippling and yellow spots in throat. There are very fine yellow edges to the petals, which are reflexed and slightly rippled. This Canna has green leaves and a good stocky habit of growth and was raised in Hungary in 1959
Hart Canna, 2001, Catalogue
Short patio plant. Green foliage. Large very “hot” orange flowers. If it’s a “hot” colour you want, then you won’t get hotter than ‘Aranyàlom’. £5.85 for 3 rhizomes.
KAVB International Canna Checklist, September 2004
Raised in Hungary, 1959; flowers persimmon-orange (RHS 28A), narrow canary-yellow edge (RHS 7A), leaves green, height up to 80 cm. A.M.-B.C. 1971
Hungarian National Institute for Agricultural Quality, Internet 25 November 2005
Raised in Hungary, 1959