Thor Dalebö.

Burgundy Blush

Canna ‘Burgundy Blush’
(Foliage Group)

PARENTAGE Canna ‘Musaefolia Grande’ x Canna ‘Purpurea Floribunda’
HEIGHT Giant, over 3 metres
FOLIAGE Dark green with a burgundy blush
FORM Branching
FLOWERING Low bloomer

Canna ‘Burgundy Blush’ is a giant Foliage Group cultivar; dark green with a burgundy blush foliage, oval shaped, maroon margin, branching habit; spikes of flowers are erect, self-coloured cherry-red, staminodes are small, low bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; fertile both ways, not true to type, self-pollinating, capsules round; rhizomes are thick, up to 7 cm in diameter, coloured purple.

Claines Canna Collection 2006
Summary: A tall distinguished plant with deep green, burgundy marked leaves. Red blooms complete the picture. Size: Very tall. Flower: Red. Foliage: Deep green with burgundy marked leaves. Origin: Hybridiser David Peterson, USA. Hybrid between C. ‘Grande’ and C. ‘Purpurea’
Karchesky and Harris 2006
Excellent foliage canna with very large rounded deep green leaves with a burgundy blush and midrib. Deep burgundy stems and budstems. Small bright cherry red flowers are hummingbird attractive. Hybrid between Grande and Purpurea from American hybridizer friend, David Peterson. Very tall height.