Keith Haywood

International Canna Trials 2018

The object of the 2018 International Canna Trials was to show and compare canna cultivars from the Plant Heritage National Collection of Cannas, and also from the Hart Canna Online Catalogue. The trials were held at the Lincluden Nursery. Shaftesbury Road, Bisley, Surrey, GU24 9EN.

The plan was to grow 3 to 5 samples of each variety (depending on size) in 3 avenues of about 50 varieties in each avenue. These were grouped by size and type, for instance, there was tall, medium and short varieties, grouped under colours: red orange, pink, yellow, white, variegated. There was also a separate section of the canna species.

There was also an exhibition of cannas grown in pots, which were all flowering by August. The trial ended in mid-September.

The trial was a great success with many visitors, some of whom had travelled from distant parts. The furthest was a coach party from the Netherlands.