Thor Dalebö.

Journey’s End

Canna ‘Journey’s End’

syns Fay’s Orchid, Fay’s Orchid Red, Jimmy Carter
(Crozy Group)

Origin TyTy, USA
Height Small
Foliage Green
Flower Multi-coloured
Tillering Average

Canna ‘Journey’s End’ is a small Crozy Group cultivar; green foliage, ovoid shaped; round main stems, coloured green; flowers are open, pale yellow heavily spotted with rose-red, staminodes are large, edges regular, fully self-cleaning, blooms open in the early morning; fertile both ways, not self-pollinating or true to type, capsules round; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured white; tillering is average.

Aaron’s Bulb Farm Internet October, 2000
This TyTy Plantation dwarf of 1 foot ends a search for a landscape Canna also adapted to pot culture. The exotic blooms form continuously throughout the season. ($15.00)
Canna Handbook, Keith Hayward. Edition 1.06. © September 2000
Flowers are pale yellow mottled and blotched with pale red. Nicely shaped but smallish petals. Green foliage. Can grow over 2m., but more usually 1 to 1·5m., and sometimes quite short.
Ian Cooke, The Gardeners Guide to Growing Cannas
(S) A widely grown Canna with medium-sized, iris-like flowers in pale yellow, heavily spotted and overlaid with powder pink. The height seems to be variable. Although classed as short, it responds to generous conditions with vigorous growth and may reach 1·5m (5ft). It was raised by Patrick Malcolm and is readily available.
Rivendell Botanic Garden, List January 2001
Soft yellow flowers spotted red, Green leaves, short plant.
TyTy Nursery, Internet, 2002, March
Originally developed and copyrighted by TyTy in 1983. This Canna is now being illegally marketed by others.
Brent & Becky’s Bulbs, Summer 2002, Internet
This is an unusual one; shiny green foliage sets off the very different creamy flowers spotted and splashed with coral pink; from a distance, the combination of these colour resembles a sunset; medium sized flowers and a relative short plant give this one more options for spots in the garden; 2-4 ft. 5 for $9, 25 for $35
Claines Canna Collection 2006
Summary: A dwarf plant, ideal for pots and the front of the border. Medium-sized, iris-like pale yellow flowers heavily spotted coral pink mottling. Green leaves complete the picture.

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