Thor Dalebø.

Louis Cayeux

Canna ‘Louis Cayeux’

syn Louise Cayeaux
(Premier Group)

Origin CAYEUX H.
Height Medium
Foliage Green
Form Spreading
Flower Pink
Blooming Outstanding bloomer
Tillering Average
Awards  RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM), 2002

Canna ‘Louis Cayeux’ is a medium sized Premier Group cultivar; green foliage, elliptical shaped, transparent margin, spreading habit; triangular main stems, coloured green; flowers are open, self-coloured salmon, staminodes are large, edges irregular, petals red, fully self-cleaning, outstanding bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; fertile both ways, not self-pollinating or true to type, capsules globose; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured white and pink; tillering is average.

For over 100 years the veritable French nurserymen Cayeaux Iris have been breeding great Iris cultivars, but what is not so well known is that for many years they were also renowned breeders and showers of cannas.

In 2002 this cultivar earned the ‘Award of Garden Merit’ at the R.H.S. trials at Wisley, where it was much admired.

Peter Henderson & Co, Catalogue 1937
Louis Cayeux. The flowers are large, gracefully rounded and slightly crimpled. Color bright rosy scarlet. Height 4 feet.
The Popular Encyclopaedia of Gardening, H.H. Thomas and Gordon Forsyth, 1955
Dr. Khoshoo & Dr. I. Guha: Evolution of Cultivated Canna 1966
x generalis, tall (80-160cm), foliage green, broad staminodia (5-7 cm) margined. In the collection of the Royal Agri-Horticultural Society , Alipore, Calcutta, India.
Brockings Exotics Catalogue, 1997
(M) 1924 large orchid shaped flowers, bright salmon, floriferous.
Ian Cooke, The Gardeners Guide to Growing Cannas
(M) This well-known name belongs to a large, orchid-flowered Canna with bright salmon-pink blooms. It is a neat plant with green foliage and looks superb planted with Phormium ‘Sundowner’. Raised by H. Cayeaux in 1924, it is readily available in this form, although it should be said that the ‘International Checklist’ describes it as ‘jasper red’.
Royal Horticultural Society, England – Canna Trial 2002
AGM after trial at Wisley 2002 from Great Dixter.
An old variety, several common look alikes in the US.
Hart Canna, 2003, Internet January 2003
Many pink Cannas can be described as ‘feminine’, but not his one. Big, bold and brash. A large plant with a very large pink flower. Quite distinct. An old variety from the hey-day of Cannas. Medium height. Green foliage. Christopher Lloyd of Great Dixter submitted it to the 2002 RHS Canna Trial where it received an AGM £10.00 for 3 rhizomes (2003)
French Grown Stock
Height 1.2m. Green foliage. Flowers dark pink.
KAVB International Canna Checklist, September 2004
H. Cayeux, 1924; flowers jasper-red (RHS 39B), leaves green, height over 80 cm. A.M.-B.C. 1933
IndiaAgroNet 2005
Large flowers with bright rosy scarlet colour.
Claines Canna Collection 2006
Summary: Lots of flowering spikes opening to rich salmon flowers held well clear of the green foliage that has a waxy sheen.
Size: Thick, upright stem with gently spreading leaves. Plant height 150cm. Foliage height 125cm.
Flower: Staminodes reddish-orange (41B/C); labellum as staminoides with yellow-buff in the throat; stigma yellow with red tip; stamen reddish-orange, flushed orange; petals yellowish-red.
Foliage: Leaves olive green (147A) with pale, reddish edge.
Origin: Bred by H. Cayeux in France, 1924
Awards: 2002, ‘Award of Garden Merit’ at the R.H.S. trials at Wisley.