Thor Dalebø.

Miniature Group

The Canna Miniature Group applies to cultivars growing under 0.5m (19″) in height, and it is expected that the flowers and foliage should be in scale to the rest of the plant.

CannaCannova Yellow

Traditionally Canna have been the architectural plants in garden borders, but the miniature cultivars extend the capabilities of canna, as the group will normally flower earlier than its bigger brothers who have more growing to do before they start producing flowers. This means that miniature cannas can be the fill plant in flower beds, alongside their majestic taller bretheren, thus providing an alternative to the traditional border flowers. 


In recent years, several new series of miniature cannas have arrived on the market, propagated either by seed or meristem techniques. Plants propagated in this manner are, as sure as can be, free of virus and this is a huge bonus to both nurserymen and gardeners alike.


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