Thor Dalebø.

Oiseau d’Or

Canna ‘Oiseau d’Or’

syns Coq d’Or, Goldbird, Golden Bird, Goldvogel, Golvogel
(Crozy Group)

Origin Vilmorin-Andrieux, 1918.
Height Medium
Foliage Green
Form Branching
Flower Yellow
Blooming Good bloomer
Tillering Average

Canna ‘Oiseau d’Or’ is a medium sized Crozy Group cultivar; green foliage, oval shaped, branching habit; oval main stems, coloured green; triangular flower stems, coloured green; spikes of flowers are open, gold with pale pink spots, staminodes are medium size, edges regular, petals yellow, fully self-cleaning, good bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; fertile both ways, not self-pollinating or true to type, capsules round; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured white; tillering is average.

Vilmorin-Andrieux introduced this cultivar in 1918, and as they are one of the most respected and professional nursery houses in the world it is reasonable to assume that the cultivar reflected their description. A primrose-yellow cultivar that fades to a near-white after a few days was given this name by the retail trade in the USA, but the original golden version still exists in Europe and Austral-Asia.

Imposter Canna ‘Oiseau d’Or’
Brockings Exotics Catalogue, 1997
(M) primrose yellow with pale pink spots.
Old House Garden, Ann Arbor, Michigan Internet, November, 2000
Introduced in 1918. Decidedly the palest Canna we offer, ‘Oiseau d’Or’ is a light, unsalted butter yellow with – if you look very closely – a faint scattering of pinkish dots. It’s a wonderful contrast to bolder Cannas, and another of our exclusive reintroductions! Green leaves, 3-5 feet, France (1, $9.25 – 10 $68.50).
Ian Cooke, The Gardeners Guide to Growing Cannas
(M) This has primrose-yellow flowers with pale pink spots. By the second day, it is pale enough to be considered with the almost-whites. It was raised by Vilmorin-Andrieux in 1918.
Hart Canna, 2002, Internet January, 2002
Tall. Green foliage, and large well-shaped light yellow flowers. Good clear yellow Cannas with large flowers are not very common. This is a good one. £6.00 for 3 rhizomes.
French Grown Stock
0.7m. Green foliage. Pale yellow with rose spotting.
KAVB International Canna Checklist, September 2004
Goldvogel’ is a synonym.
Vilmorin-Andrieux, 1918; flowers golden-yellow, leaves green, height over 80 cm.