Thor Dalebø.

Panache Rouge

Canna ‘Panache Rouge’

(Premier Group)

Origin Vilmorin-Andrieux
Height Tall
Foliage Green
Form Branching
Flower Red
Blooming Outstanding bloomer
Tillering Prolific

CannaPanache Rouge’ is a tall Premier Group cultivar; green foliage, oval shaped, branching habit; oval main stems, coloured green; triangular flower stems, coloured green; spikes of flowers are cupped, self-coloured orient-red, throat a few yellow markings, staminodes are large, edges irregular, petals red, fully self-cleaning, outstanding bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; seed is sterile, pollen is sterile; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured purple; tillering is prolific.

CannaPanache Rouge’
L. Clause Catalogue, Spring 1929
Panache rouge. – Feuillage vert. Epis de grandes dimensions et e très bonne tenue, bien en dehors du feuillage. Fleur rouge andrinople. Haut. 1 m. 40.
Vilmorin Catalogue, 1941
(V. 1922).
Feuillage vert. Très grandes fleurs rouge andrinople brillant. Hauteur 1 mt. 40.

Green foliage. Very big flowers of a bright turkey red. Height 1 mt. 40 (as in turkey red cloth – a watermelon red).
Hart Canna, 2000, Internet October 2000
Flowers orient red, leaves green. Tall.
KAVB International Canna Checklist, September 2004
Vilmorin-Andrieux, 1922; flowers orient-red, leaves green, height over 80 cm.
Claines Canna Collection 2006
Summary: Medium, green leaves and orient red blooms.
Size: 120-140cm (4′-4’6″)
Flower: Orient red.
Foliage: Green.