Thor Dalebö.

RHS Canna Trials 2002

AGM cultivars 2002

22 Canna were selected for the Award of Garden Merit [AGM] 

  1. C. ‘Alaska
  2. C. ‘Amundsen
  3. C. ‘Annei
  4. C. ‘Aphrodite (2)
  5. C. ‘Bengal Tigersyn. C. ‘Striata
  6. C. ‘Ehemanii’
  7. C. ‘Erebus
  8. C. indicaRussian Red
  9. C. ‘Ingeborg
  10. C. ‘La Francesyn. C. ‘General Eisenhower
  11. C. ‘Louis Cayeux
  12. C. ‘Musafolia’
  13. C. ‘Mystique
  14. C. ‘Phasion
  15. C. ‘Picasso
  16. C. ‘Ra’
  17. C. ‘Roi Soleil
  18. C. ‘Schwäbische Heimat’
  19. C. ‘Shenandoah
  20. C. ‘Verdi
  21. C. ‘Whithelm Pride
  22. C. ‘Wyoming

A further 6 cultivars were recommended for the AGM, subject to their being made available to the UK public:

  1. C. ‘Delaware
  2. C. ‘Independence
  3. C. ‘Lenape
  4. C. ‘Penn’
  5. C. ‘Bethany
  6. C.  ‘Society Belle

The first four are cultivars raised by Longwood Gardens. USA,  and are on general sale in the USA and some have even found their way into Europe.

CannaBethany’ was raised by Brian West and is now on sale to the public. The last, CannaSociety Belle’, is an indica-type cultivar, discovered and entered by RHS Garden Wisley, and only later given its’ name.

The full description and list of all the participants can be  read here:  2002 RHS Canna Trials