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Thai Rainbow

Canna ‘Thai Rainbow’

(Variegated Group)(Foliage Group)

PARENTAGE Sport of C. ‘Intrigue’, induced by radiation
HEIGHT Medium, 1-2 metres
FOLIAGE Variegated, dark and light green bands
FORM Upright
FLOWERING Good bloomer

Canna Thai Rainbow is a medium sized Foliage Group cultivar; variegated foliage, large, lanceolate shaped, maroon margin, upright habit; spikes of flowers are erect, self-coloured red-orange, staminodes are narrow, edges irregular, fully self-cleaning, good bloomer, blooms open in the early morning; seed is sterile, pollen is sterile; rhizomes are thick, up to 3 cm in diameter, coloured white and purple; tillering is prolific.

Canna ‘Thai Rainbow’ Plant Delights Nursery
Plant Delights Nursery, Inc.,
For something truly unique, we are pleased to introduce Canna ‘Thai Rainbow’, which offers a unique leaf variegation pattern (reportedly radiation induced). Canna ‘Thai Rainbow’ forms a 6′ tall, rapidly multiplying clump of narrow leaves that are banded green and cream with a purple flush that is particularly evident on the leaf edges. The clumps are topped with small but bright red-orange flowers that attract hummingbirds throughout the summer…looks and grows like a variegated form of CannaIntrigue’.