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Turc Canna dynasty

The Turc Canna dynasty

France has a long tradition of Canna breeding and growing, with names like Annèe, Chatè, Crozy, Clause, Vilmorin-Andrieux and many others rolling of the tongue. Not least amongst these horticultural legends is the Turc dynasty, which now dominates the French Canna growing industry.

The founder of the Turc dynasty was the canna breeder Adolphe Turc. He had 2 sons, Ernest Turc and Adolphe Turc. They each created their own establishments in the early 1960’s. The two houses were called Ernest Turc and J.P. Turc et Fils (& sons).

Ernest Turc had 2 sons, Jean Turc and Robert Turc. Robert Turc was the head of the horticultural company Ernest Turc, of Brain sur l’Authion, Angers, France.

Some years ago Robert passed control of this company to the next generation of Turc, of whom there are several in the company, the organisation now being led by his son-in-law M. Velé. However, Robert continued to be active in the company.

Adolph, the 2nd of the originating brothers, had a son Pierre Turc (now dead), who had 2 sons Jean Pierre and Louis Marie, who jointly run the other Turc enterprise, Messrs J. P. Turc et Fils, located at Maze, Angers, France, a much smaller organisation, which also grows cannas.