Canna Australia enigma

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    Discovered by Johnny K. Johnson growing in Australia he mistakenly gave it the name ‘Australia’, not realising that there was already a cultivar of that name raised by Karl Sprenger.
    In correspondence JJ acknowledged his mistake and thought that it may actually be Canna ‘Feurzauber’. I pointed out to him that was a Crozy Group cultivar, and still in many collections here in Europe, and definitely not the original name.
    So the mystery continues, it is an Italian Group cultivar, and these are difficult to produce, with the only known regular hybridizers being Sprenger, Burbank, Pfitzer, Wintzer and Percy-Lancaster. Examining the lists of the cultivars they have produced, the only specimen that begins to match this cultivar was canna ‘Nero’, introduced by Antoine Wintzer. However, I would hesitate to claim that as the original name, as the descriptions are too vague to give a definite yay or nay.
    Anybody have any other thoughts on this subject?

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