Differences between Italia, Bavaria and Burgundia

People, even experienced canna [people, often have difficulty discerning the differences between the noble Italia, and the the two later introduction, Bavaria and Burgundia. There are four basic areas that can be quickly learned to allow you to identify accurately, namely the height, flower colour markings and flower form.

Canna ;Burgundia
  Italia Bavaria Burgundia
  1.5 – 2 m, Smaller at 1 metre
Foliage   Smaller and narrower than in the better-known Italia, Austria and Burbank.
Markings   More solid red at the centre, so that it becomes a yellow-bordered flower, of similar marking to Queen Charlotte; More spotted with a predominance of yellow
Petals Notch at the base of the labellum. Usually has upright petals, although the labellum (lip) always droops slightly.. Commonly shows its Canna flaccida parentage in reflexed petals.